Catering Menu

Protein: Chicken (any way you want it)
Baked,fried, smothered in gravy,jerked,hot,lemon pepper,bbq,teriyaki ect

Fish: Tilapia, catfish, *salmon, whiting                   

Pork: *Tenderloin, Pork chops, Ribs

Beef: *Steak, Smoked sausage, Meat loaf( turkey), Meatballs(turkey), Pot roast, *Ox tails,*Brisket, *Ribs                   

*Turkey legs

Sides: Rice (steamed fried saffron), Mac n cheese, *Lobster Mac, Cabbage (fried steamed, Green beans, Spinach, Greens, Yams
Potatoes ( au gratin mashed baked smothered), *Brussels n bacon, *Asparagus
Mixed vegetables, Corn (fried cob Mexican, Baked beans

Salad: Chef, Garden, Caesar, Greek, Pasta, Kale, *Spring ( made with fruit), *Mixed fruit

Dessert: Lemon pound cake, Chocolate pound cake, Banana pudding, Brownies,

Fresh baked cookies, *Strawberry shortcake, *Pecan pie, *Carmel cake
*Key lime shooters

Bread: Corn bread, Dinner rolls, *Hawaiian rolls

Beverages: Water, Soda, Tea, Lemonade( strawberry mixed berry), Kool aide

*Specialty items*
*Gumbo, *Jambalaya, *Red beans and rice, *Fettuccini Alfredo, *Shrimp boil
*spaghetti & meatballs

*Vegan options available upon request - Breakfast available*

Delivery setup & clean up includes: Tablecloths, Plates, Serving utensils, Napkins,

Eating utensils, Condiments

*Premium items additional cost


Call for pricing

No group to small or large

Contact Jerry (Manager) by email/phone at GbHoleInTheWall@Yahoo.Com / (718) 812-2598


We'd prefer you email us.